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Mechanical and Electrical

The largest cost to a business is usually the business premises, so it is vital that buildings are managed in the most cost effective way possible. Unfortunately, many businesses take a reactive approach to maintaining the services which can actually result in higher costs.

Reduce Costs


At Dynamic Construction we are able to help businesses reduce their costs by recommending and installing the most efficient mechanical and electrical systems.


We can take care of the plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire safety and security systems. With our expertise in these areas we can present the best options for your business in terms of value, compliance and effectiveness.


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Keep your building up to scratch


We can organise installs, replacements and repairs of systems of all types. We’ll make recommendations for any upgrades to existing systems and deliver preventative maintenance programmes. Relevant log books will be kept up to date and we’ll service your equipment in line with health and safety legislation.


Ensuring your building operates as comfortably and safely as possible is essential for keeping your business running as it should. A pleasant working environment improves employee wellbeing, productivity and retention. It also ensures a pleasant experience for your customers and clients and encourages repeat business, helping you achieve bigger profits.


Many of our mechanical works are carried out in conjunction with our sister company, Naylor Mechanical Services, who have been providing mechanical services for over 100 years.


If you would like to discuss any element of your mechanical or electrical systems then contact our expert team today 

Our Partners


Dynamic Construction has a vast range of experience completing projects across various industries and sectors. From small maintenance works to full building refurbishments; we take care of it all.


Dynamic Construction offers a vast range of services and always delivers with integrity, proficiency and consistency, no matter how large or small your requirement.

Project Management

At Dynamic Construction we understand the difficulties involved in coordinating the many elements of a construction project.